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Courtney Love

13 December 2013
  Laznia Nowa Theatre - Main Stage

Directed by:

Monika Strzępka


Paweł Demirski


220 min.



Monika Strzępka and Paweł Demirski’s new play, which premiered in Wrocław, telling the story of 90s cult band Nirvana, becomes not only a vehicle to reveal the corruption and hypocrisy of the music industry; it also implies questions about creative freedom and being truthful to your own ideals in the era of aggressive capitalism. But the tragic story of the group’s front man is not the main focus here; rather it’s his controversial wife, Courtney Love. She and her band Hole were adored by many who considered them to have been among the greatest musicians of the Seattle scene, yet were scorned and mocked by others. Love, in Strzępka and Demirski’s version, is a symbol of a world where talent and music itself are quickly buried by scandals and the desire for a quick profit. The director deliberately juxtaposes the figures of American grunge musicians with the reality of Polish show business, revealing the ruthless and destructive aspects of the politics of success. Paweł Demirski’s uncompromising text — enhanced by Nirvana and Hole’s hits, performed by the team from the Polish Theatre in Wrocław — presents a fierce and pointed critique of the mechanisms behind the capitalist system that reduce art to the level of just another product. 


Light design and directed by Monika Strzępka

Dramaturgy by Paweł Demirski

Scenography and costumes by Michał Korchowiec

Music by Jan Suświłło

Choreography by Rafał Urbacki

Vocal training by Magdalena Śniadecka-Skrzypek

Instrumental training by Rafał Matuszak

Photo by Natalia Kabanow


Courtney Love; Axl Rose’s Girl: Katarzyna Strączek

Husband of Good Family; Head of Record Label; Bill Clinton: Adam Cywka

Axl Rose; Summer Camp Teacher; Actor President: Mariusz Kiljan

Krist Novoselic; Democratic Activist; Hippie from Masuria: Andrzej Kłak

Everett True; Mister Darek: Igor Kujawski

Wife of Good Family; Tracy; Girl from Summer Camp: Agnieszka Kwietniewska

Dave Grohl; Kevin Arnold: Michał Majnicz

Henry Rollins; Peja’s Buddy; Chad Channing: Michał Mrozek

Frances Bean Cobain; Jonathan Poneman: Michał Opaliński

Kurt Cobain; Old Kurt Cobain; Teenager from Masuria: Marcin Pempuś