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I, Pierre Riviere...

8 December 2013
9 December 2013
  TVP Kraków Studio S3 Łęg

Directed by:

Agata Duda-Gracz


Agata Duda-Gracz


230 min.


50 PLN / 30 PLN

I, Pierre Rivière, Having Slaughtered with an Axe My Mother, My Father, My Sisters, My Brother and All My Neighbours… is the title of Agata Duda-Gracz’s play inspired by events which took place in a Norman village in the year 1835. A young man, Pierre Rivière, killed his mother, sister and brother, got captured and sentenced to death, but also gave a thorough report on the incidents and what exactly drew him to committing these crimes. The staging of the performance is framed by the court case during which Pierre Rivière confesses to murders and reveals his motives before the audience members, who become his witnesses and participants in the trial. The director shows the story of a murderer from a variety of perspectives, making us realize how arbitrary our opinions and judgments tend to be. Unlike Michel Foucault, in the book that he edited titled  I, Pierre Rivière, which offers an academic analysis of the actions undertaken by the criminal, Duda-Gracz makes an attempt to understand Rivière’s behavioral patterns and to get to the bottom of the psychological, societal and emotional reasons for the murders he committed. 


Screenplay, scenography, costumes and direction by Agata Duda-Gracz

Music by Piotr Dziubek

Song lyrics by Rafał Dziwisz

Lights by Katarzyna Łuszczyk

Videos by Karol Rakowski, Spectribe Film & Theater Production

Director’s assistants: Agata Schweiger, Kamil Błoch

Photo by: Greg Noo-Wak


The Librarian: Ewelina Adamska-Porczyk

Grandma Rivière:  Janina Garbińska-Budzińska

The American:  Elżbieta Kłosińska

Amien: Magda Kumorek

Obrzympałowa: Agnieszka Oryńska-Lesicka

The Miller’s Wife: Elżbieta Romanowska

Victoria: Helena Sujecka

Rivière’s Wife: Justyna Szafran

Peter: Sambor Czarnota

Obrzympał: Piotr Gajda

The Priest: Andrzej Gałła

The Carpenter: Adrian Kąca

Maybe Lutek: Tomasz Leszczyński

The Wanderer: Bartosz Picher

The Miller: Tomasz Schimscheiner

Rivière: Cezary Studniak

Prosper: Krzysztof Wach

Bobek: Mikołaj Woubishet

Alfons The Moustache: Łukasz Wójcik

The Musician: Tomasz Wesołowski

The Shit-Eater: Michał Zborowski