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Sacred karaoke. Mozart Requiem (ENG)

12 December 2014
  Cracow Philharmony

Directed by:

Cezary Tomaszewski


Cezary Tomaszewski


90 min.


50 PLN / 35 PLN

In a play made in collaboration with Capella Cracoviensis, Cezary Tomaszewski asks questions about the meaning and limits of originality, one of our modern cultural obsessions. The structure of the piece, which starts with a terrorist attack and a symbolic funeral of the artists involved with it (the audience is informed about these incidents by a fictionalized Kinga Rusin, in the constant company of TV cameras), is defined by a popular form of karaoke. Commonly associated with lowly bar culture, here it becomes a crucial component of the stage world, one that gives everyone a chance and doesn’t exclude due to the lack of talent. Tomaszewski gives a voice to a variety of freaks and losers, here represented by members of a choir who have been dreaming their whole lives about singing a solo part. Hit singles by Kate Bush, Elvis Presley and Whitney Houston spin out of the singers’ control and start revealing the dark side of not only show business but also the common listeners who see their lives reflected in the songs, all the while dreaming of splendor and fame.

Sacred karaoke. Mozart Requiem positions itself against the uptight, middle-class world and its norms, characterized by binary oppositions between high and low art, talent and its complete lack, artistic genius and total trash. Tomaszewski and his dramaturg, Agnieszka Jakimiak, summon the ghosts of dead icons like Amy Winehouse and Janis Joplin – not to recreate the atmosphere of their music and remember them through karaoke, but to prove that in the world of the stage anyone can become an opera diva, a pop star or a rock’n’roller for a brief moment. And an ironic catwalk of opera fashion, that presents the audience with such items as Halka’s concert gown and Boris Godunov’s socks, reveals the process of making legends and myths in the arts. 


Concept and direction by Cezary Tomaszewski

Music direction by Jan Tomasz Adamus

Dramaturgy by Agnieszka Jakimiak

Costumes & objects by  BRACIA – Agnieszka Klepacka & Maciek Chorąży

Video by Paweł Weremiuk

photos: Antek Grałek


Michalina Bienkiewicz, Dorota Dwojak- Tlałka, Jolanta Kowalska-Pawlikowska, Magdalena Łukawska, Helena Poczykowska, Antonina Ruda, Matylda Stasto, Łukasz Dulewicz, Maciej Drużkowski, Szczepan Kosior, Piotr Szewczyk, Sebastian Szumski,  Marzena Lubaszka