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Woodcutters Holzfällen (ENG)

11 December 2014
  Laznia Nowa Theatre — Main Stage

Directed by:

Krystian Lupa


Thomas Bernhard


270 min.


100 PLN / 55 PLN

One of the most eagerly awaited premiers of this season: an adaptation of a text by the enfant terrible of Austrian literature, Thomas Bernhard, directed by the distinguished artist Krystian Lupa. The show tells a story of an “artistic dinner party” thrown by a group of former friends that suddenly turns into a wake for one of the members of their art collective. Instead of typical warm reminiscences about their late friend, the characters verbalize their mutual resentments and share their fears and obsessions as old regrets resurface. Once revolutionary and uncompromising artists, they are now comfortably employed by state institutions. They don’t seem to be morally corrupted; they just conform too easily to rigid social structures and conventions. With a clear-sighted approach and a tendency to make accurate cultural diagnoses, Lupa observes a group of people once brought together by ideas, passions and desires who are now strangers to one another.

The director once again in his career adapts Bernhard’s text and not only successfully follows its accurate reflections on human nature, but also shows, just like the Austrian writer himself, that freedom is no more than an elusive myth that we like to cling to. The actors from the Polish Theatre masterfully convey cultural, social and ideological nuances, both in the world presented on stage and taking a broader worldview. Lupa dismisses cultural norms that imprison us and looks with hope to a horizon that promises a glimpse of a better future and “a brave new world”.  


Adaptation, set and lighting design and directed by Krystian Lupa

Costumes by Piotr Skiba

Arrangement of music by Bogumił Misala

Video by Karol Rakowski and Łukasz Twarkowski

Translation by Monika Muskała


Piotr Skiba, Halina Rasiakówna, Wojciech Ziemiański, Jan Frycz (gościnnie), Andrzej Szeremeta, Ewa Skibińska, Bożena Baranowska, Michał Opaliński, Adam Szczyszczaj, Marta Zięba, Marcin Pempuś, Krzesisława Dubielówna, Anna Ilczuk