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Paradiso (ENG)

12 December 2014
  Laznia Nowa Theatre — Main Stage

Directed by:

Michał Borczuch


Tomasz Śpiewak


Laznia Nowa Theatre


110 min.


30 zł / 20 PLN

Michał Borczuch’s play tells a story inspired by the final part of Dante’s Divine Comedy Paradise. The performance is a collaboration between Łaźnia Nowa Theatre and the Farm of Life, the only residential facility for adults with autism in Poland. Three professional actors serve as guides through the stage world, accompanied by amateurs with autism. But they aren’t being exposed to the curious gaze of “normal” people; instead the director works with them as if they were just regular actors. The material space of Paradiso is expressed in Dorota Nawrot’s set design, which presents the interior of a hotel in ruins. But the symbolic and ideological space centers around attempts to explore and understand non-normative logic – the domain of autism – which Borczuch juxtaposes with theatrical variations on themes taken from Dante’s canonical piece.

The structure of Paradiso is based on repetition, and at times resembles the stream of consciousness of a Proust novel. Borczuch attempts to re-create the experience of autism, but his play is more than a mere theatrical simulation. The autistic actors sometimes forget the text, get confused about timelines and make random associations that break the rules of not only traditional but even socially engaged theatre. As a result, a utopian space emerges that provides a platform for the meeting of two very different worlds. The director shows how to make the potential of social and cultural transformation possible in practice, and its impact is much more powerful than in more strictly political productions. 


Directed by Michał Borczuch

Dramaturgy by Tomasz Śpiewak

Scenography by Dorota Nawrot

Music by Konrad Gęca

Multimedia by Magdalena Kownacka, Bartosz Nalazek, Michał Dobrucki


Michał Krzysztof Cichy, Kamil Mroczkowski, Albert Jeżowski, Mariusz Zemanek, Grzegorz Wolkowicz, Stanisław Lampa, Damian Baca, Maria Bozowska-Bolak, Dominika Biernat, Marta Ojrzyńska, Paweł Smagała