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The Forefathers' Eve (ENG)

9 December 2014
  ICE Kraków — Sala Teatralna

Directed by:

Radek Rychcik


Adam Mickiewicz


170 min.


65 PLN / 40 PLN

Radek Rychcik adapts Adam Mickiewicz’s canonical play, offering up an ironic, rebellious version – its well-known romantic motifs putting on a new, disturbing face. The director positions the action of the play in the context of American pop culture. The set design by Anna Maria Karczmarska, which resembles a gym in a midwestern high school, is filled with characters typical of the America of our imagination: a cheerleader, tattooed basketball players and even Marilyn Monroe. The performance does not limit its scope to innocent games and loose associations with American movies (including Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining), but tells a story of class and racial inequalities. Rychcik examines a variety of racial stereotypes, building to a climax in which the ghost of Mister is confronted by oppressed African Americans desperately fighting for a voice. The world of the play is characterized by a constant struggle between the privileged oppressors and those who due to their skin color are forever supposed to play the role of the weak and suffering.

The Forefather’s Eve by Rychcik is much more than another naive emancipation story that shows the mechanisms responsible for a racist system. The director sticks to the original text of the play but at the same time, through eloquent pop-culture jokes and iconography, takes the well-known lines and uproots them from the stiff, national discourse and radically freshens them up. Instead of pathos, seriousness and a highly tragic diapason, the audience experiences a wild, vivid ride through the dark corners of a classic text as liberation slogans take on a new, subversive meaning. They pierce through the façade of modern times that are only outwardly governed by rules of tolerance and racial equality. 

Please note stroboscopic lights are used in the show!


Directed by Radek Rychcik

Scenography and costumes by Anna Maria Karczmarska

Music, multimedia by Michał Lis, Piotr Lis


Mariusz Zaniewski, Tomasz Nosiński, Gabriela Frycz, Marta Szumieł, Grzegorz Gołaszewski, Martyna Zaremba, Maciej Zabielski, Maria Rybarczyk, Michał Kocurek, Mirosław Kropielnicki, Mateusz Ławrynowicz, Bartosz Roch Nowicki, Andrzej Niemyt, Mariusz Puchalski, Oksana Hamerska, Anna Mierzwa, Julia Rybakowska oraz Sibonisiwe Ndlovu Sucharska, Muhsin Nassir Ali, Anthony Juste, Emily Wong, Sylwia Achu, Aster Haile, Maria Magdalena Haile, Luzia Avelino Viegas, Leopold Abai, Mandar Purandare