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Metamorphoses (without words)

10 December 2014
11 December 2014
  Groteska Theatre

Directed by:

Adolf Weltschek


Małgorzata Zwolińska


Groteska Theatre


80 min.


40 PLN / 35 PLN

The play created by Adolf Weltschek and Małogrzata Zwolińska refers to the best traditions within art, theatre and dance forms. The performance is completely wordless and is comprised of seventeen stage situations that present a variety of images and their possible meanings. It’s a story of people who tirelessly look for harmony and happiness, against all odds. Simple gestures and actions, everyday rituals and the passing of time define the narrative as well as the structure of the stage world, while the plot is based on archetypes of Woman and Man. The artists choose to re-imagine gender stereotypes that could have easily been reduced to the ethos of Man as conqueror and Woman as protector of family and home. To maximize the expressive and artistic possibilities, the creators of the show collaborated with distinguished British choreographer Caroline Finn and nine talented Polish dancers.

The fusion of various expressive tools – costumes, set design, multimedia projections, dance, music and lights – creates an original stage world that leaves plenty of interpretative freedom for the audience. The performance is full of cultural associations and certain elements of the narrative plot refer to the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. The play is partly inspired by the Polish theatre of form and the works of artists such as Tadeusz Kantor, Józef Szajna and Leszek Mądzik. Przemiany proves that fascinating aesthetic and stylistic experiments can also happen outside of current dramatic theatre. 

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Directed by Adolf Weltschek

Screenplay, concept of multimedia and projections by Adolf Weltschek, Małgorzata Zwolińska

Scenography by Małgorzata Zwolińska

Choreography by Caroline Finn

Music supervision by Jerzy Kluzowicz, Caroline Finn, Adolf Weltschek, Małgorzata Zwolińska


Liwia Magdalena Bargieł, Magdalena Fejdasz, Katarzyna Sikora, Sandra Szatan, Masza Tryputsen, Sebastian Lenart, Karol Miękina, Dominik Olechowski, Piotr Skalski, Julia Tomkowicz