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A Show for Tourists

9 December 2018
  Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Krakow — Small Stage

Directed by:

Wojtek Ziemilski


Wojtek Ziemilski


55 min.


65 / 40

This production by Wojtek Ziemilski was developed in the three-year cycle “Before the War / War / After the War” (“Przed wojną / Wojna / Po wojnie”) of Komuna//Warszawa. The cycle also encompassed “Cezary Goes to War” (“Cezary idzie na wojnę”), a project by Cezary Tomaszewski presented at the Divine Comedy in 2017.

Of all Polish directors, Ziemilski may be most likely to surprise you with both form and content, as his performative productions disclose unexpected aspects of the seemingly well-known and obvious stories. In “Small Narrative” (“Mała narracja”), he discussed the tangled past of Wojciech “Tunio” Dzieduszycki, a famous elderly gentleman, as well as the intricacies of the narrative concentrated on vetting. In the “One Gesture” (“Jeden gest”), presented at the Divine Comedy in 2017, he disclosed what turned out to be an exceedingly colourful and rich world of the deaf and dumb.

“A Show for Tourists” is a coproduction with Mladinsko Theatre from Slovenia, renowned for the works of Oliver Frljić. It discloses the deceits of global and regional perspectives of tales, and the ensuing representations and dreams that may surface or by defeated, depending on the location where they are presented.

Even the seemingly supra-cultural, “modern” dance and gesture turn out to bear the brunt of local specificity. This is among others, the subject of an ironic commentary that the Slovenians Damjana Černe and Primož Bezjak address to a Pole, Maria Stokłosa improvising the choreography. It turns out that even a gesture in the description of the world is psychologised and assessed, and becomes encrusted with commentary. Another element ironically commented on by Wojtek Ziemilski, who challenges the sense of successive strategies developed by art theoreticians and critics eager to imprison the fresh, the new, and the unnamed in the historical, philosophical, and artistic clichés.


The performance is based on the original choreography of Maria Stokłosa.


Director: Wojtek Ziemilski

Choreography: Maria Stokłosa

Text: Wojtek Ziemilski

Dramaturgy: Sodja Zupanc Lotker

Costume Design: Slavica Janošević

Light Design: Wojtek Ziemilski, współpraca: Karolina Gębska


Maria Stokłosa, Damjana Černe, Primož Bezjak