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Under the Influence

11 December 2018
  ICE Kraków — Sala Teatralna S2

Directed by:

Maja Kleczewska


Łukasz Chotkowski, Maja Kleczewska


105 min.


65 / 40

In 2017 Maja Kleczewska received one of the most prestigious theatre awards in Europe: The Silver Lion for innovation in the theatre, awarded at the Theatre Biennial in Venice.

In Katowice, after many long, improvised productions that are a sinusoid of emotions, success, and defeat, Kleczewska created perhaps the shortest play in her oeuvre: the 100 minutes stun with the temperature of Sandra Korzeniak’s role, the memorable Marilyn Monroe from Krystian Lupa’s drama.

The starting point was the film by an American experimenter John Cassavetes with Gene Rowlands. Entitled “Woman Under the Influence” (1974), it won a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination. Cassavetes created a tale of a hypersensitive woman slowly falling into madness while tending to home and progeny. He spun the tale drawing from his own experience of becoming fully devoted to the care for his children.

Maja Kleczewska transferred the mental madness Mabel plunges into to a world of an industrial city and a male worker environment. She’s trying to accept it, just like she opens to her husband. However, she cannot count on reciprocity. She is so very different, oversensitive, and maladjusted to reality that the perception by the opinionated “normal world” and family can be nothing short of brutally biased.

Sandra Korzeniak is victorious in a confrontation with the film protagonist, as she created an unforgettable role of a woman with “her body outside”, painfully touched by the brutality of the world and men. The unnerving effect of being taken into the internal world of the heroine comes not only from the close ups from the cameras that disclose what is happening behind the drawn curtains at home and in the woman’s psyche but also from Donizetti’s and Catalani’s music performed by Agata Zubel.


Director: Maja Kleczewska

Dramaturgy: Łukasz Chotkowski

Script: Łukasz Chotkowski, Maja Kleczewska

Sets: Marcel Sławiński, Katarzyna Sobańska (MIKSS)

Costumes: Konrad Parol,

Music: Cezary Duchnowski

Stills, Lights: Kacper Fertacz

Film editing: Artur Rej, Przemysław Chruścielewski

Lights on movie plan: Bartek Gburek

Sounds on movie plan: Piotr Gburek, Michał Sendek 

Camera operator: Kamil Małecki, Andrzej Sepioł


Sandra Korzeniak, Piotr Bułka, Anna Kadulska, Ewa Leśniak, Andrzej Dopierała, Antoni Gryzik, Wiesław Kupczak, Arkadiusz Machel, Marek Rachoń, Artur Święs, Andrzej Warcaba, Zbigniew Wróbel, Mateusz Znaniecki Mateusz/Królik, Marcin Całka,Kaśka Dudek, Mariusz Konieczny, Sebastian Krysiak, Piotr Stanusz, Liwia Dziurosz, Igor Karaszewski/Franciszek Wardas, Julia Tudzierz, Filip Moczek Franciszek Moczek, Aniela Tudzierz, Wiktoria Choińska, Krzysztof Ciemierz, Aleksandra Gosławska, Patrycja Góra, Wiktoria Lisicka, Magdalena Spiczonek, Małgorzata Szpiech