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The Possessed

9 December 2018
  The Helena Modrzejewska National Stary Theatre — Main Stage

Directed by:

Jacek Głomb


Fiodor Dostojewski


200 min.


65 / 40

Jacek Głomb directed “The Possessed” for the 40th anniversary of the Legnica stage. Its director since 1994, Głomb has run the Modrzejewska Theatre in an exceptional manner, investigating the tangled history and identity of the city and region, at the same time provoking heated discussion about contemporary Poland. The production became a collective creation of the troupe as it interprets the latest translation of Dostoevsky’s novel made by Adam Pomorski. It is an opportunity to remain faithful to the Russian literary masterpiece, its biblical inspirations, a tale of emerging revolutionary and terrorist cells, which at the same time is a tale of the contemporary: the junkyard of history, ideas, and successive beaten generations unable to move from the spot where they found themselves and burning down among the sick emotions of politics, power, rebellion, and love. This perspective, designed to bring together the past with the present, is reinforced by the set made of recycled waste and the costumes that are both historical and contemporary. Reaching for a classical work on cruelty and surveillance by the powers that be, Jacek Głomb doesn’t put on the kid gloves to approach the daydreams of all those who attack them. The world of the tyrants, as well as of the liberal intelligentsia and radical progressives are based on the game of smoke and mirrors and manipulation destroying any hope for a change. The powers that be and the opposition are two sides of the same counter. Nothing but the story told by the Bible is true. The history of the fall of the human, which most protagonists either fail to recognise fully or recognise too late in their lives. Biblical swine possessed by demons charge blindly straight off the cliff.


Director: Jacek Głomb

Author: Fyodor Dostoevsky

Sets: Małgorzata Bulanda

Music: Bartek Straburzyński

Stage Movement: Witold Jurewicz


Ewa Galusińska, Robert Gulaczyk, Rafał Cieluch, Anita Poddębniak, Małgorzata Patryn, Magdalena Drab, Paweł Wolak, Bogdan Grzeszczak, Magda Biegańska, Gabriela Fabian, Małgorzata Urbańska, Mateusz Krzyk, Magda Skiba, Paweł Palcat, Grzegorz Wojdon, Albert Pyśk, Katarzyna Dworak, Joanna Gonschorek, Bartosz Bulanda, Maciej Rabski