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The Art of Thinking “Theatre in Ruins – Time for Disco Polo”

13 December 2017
  Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Kraków - Large Stage

Piotr Augustyniak and Bartosz Szydłowski talk to Professor Tadeusz Bartoś

It isn’t critical theatre but happy, uncritical Disco Polo that has power over souls in Poland. As “high” culture producers and consumers, are we able to process this fact and face its unpleasant implications? What does this say about our sense of mission? Is it all just self-deluded megalomania? And our contempt for “common people”—isn’t it emblematic of the type of resentment that Disco Polo songs like ”Through Your Eyes So Green” and ”Dotted Panties” are free of? If it’s true that Disco Polo currently epitomizes Polish joi de vivre and self-affirmation, what direction should “high art” and culture take?
The meeting is comprised of a Disco Polo performance, Tadeusz Bartoś’s lecture on the phenomenon of Disco Polo and a discussion.

“The Art of Thinking” is a series of theatrical-philosophical meetings held at the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Kraków. This performative alliance between art and thought, founded by Bartosz Szydłowski and Piotr Augustyniak, is designed to help audiences and artists unleash their potential. Our goal is to work together to overcome the kind of thoughtlessness that manifests in clichés, gossip, hatred, vacuous commentary and pseudo-political paranoia, dividing and destroying our society. We will remain defenceless until we make an effort to clean up our thinking.