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The Rage

12 December 2017
  ICE Kraków — Sala Teatralna

Directed by:

Maja Kleczewska


Elfriede Jelinek


180 min.



Maja Kleczewska’s piece is based on the play by Elfriede Jelinek, written shortly after the shooting at the offices of Charlie Hebdo. The Austrian Nobel Prize laureate incorporates numerous cultural references, ranging from Greek mythology and the Bible all the way to contemporary television. It all ties in to the topic of rage, or more pointedly the mechanisms responsible for social fears and phobias around Otherness. The director, together with dramaturg Łukasz Chotkowski, designs a series of frightening scenes dealing with political and moral power, situating fear of the Other in the context of the most troubling phenomenon of recent years, which has ruthlessly exposed the Old Continent’s racism and intolerance: the Syrian refugee crisis. Dynamically paced scenes, parodying the language of TV news, juxtapose the attitudes of diverse and mutually hostile milieus, represented by the jingoistic sports fan, the Holy Mary Radio Channel listener and the dark-skinned refugee. Meanwhile Magdalena Koleśnik, playing Europa, greedily consumes multiple hamburgers and dances frenetically on a huge piece of raw meat. Brutal symbolism collides with caricature and the grotesque, directly involving the audience in the process of performing culturally justified anger and indignation with the direction in which our world is heading.

The set design by Zbigniew Libera, one of Poland’s most distinguished visual artists, extends into the foyer of the theatre, presenting a list of refugees who died trying to get to Europe. It’s also a kind of installation, modeled on a refugee camp. Its interactivity is cleverly played against a series of scenes from Kleczewska’s previous plays, which are performed during the intermission. The director toys perversely with the medium of theater, reflecting upon its influence and inherent ideological traps in these violent times.


Directed by Maja Kleczewska
Translation by Karolina Bikont
Dramaturgy by Łukasz Chotkowski
Writers: Maja Kleczewska, Łukasz Chotkowski
Set Design by Zbigniew Libera
Costumes by Konrad Parol
Music by Cezary Duchnowski
Lighting design by Piotr Pieczynśki, in collaboration with Zbigniew Libera and Ewa Łuczak
Video/Found Footage: Ewa Łuczak
Assistant Directors: Zofia Gustowska, Grzegorz Simborowski
Assistant Set Designer: Ewa Małas
Stage Manager: Sylwia Merk


Karolina Adamczyk, Aleksandra Bożek, Anna Dzieduszycka, Magdalena Koleśnik, Kaya Kołodziejczyk, Mamadou Goo Bâ, Michał Czachor, Michał Jarmicki, Wiktor Loga-Skarczewski, Mateusz Łasowski, Arkadiusz Pyć, Julian Świeżewski, Robert Wasiewicz