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Triumph of the Will

16 December 2017
  National Stary Theatre — Big Stage

Directed by:

Monika Strzępka


Paweł Demirski


210 min.

Even before the premiere of this play—an extremely optimistic piece that runs contrary to the prevailing ethos of modern times, the theatrical duo of Monika Strzępka and Paweł Demirski stated that “we have set off on a journey in search of serotonin”. It’s hard not to agree with them: with their signature bucking of current cultural trends and artistic tendencies, they offer a much lighter, more buoyant form of entertainment than what their audiences are used to. The action starts with a plane crash and stories of the survivors who are stuck on an island, somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Anecdotes about people who not only proved their tremendous personal and cultural courage but also helped make the world a better place are juxtaposed with skeptical opinions about humanity expressed by a small group of malcontents. William Shakespeare himself is the master of ceremonies, steering the direction of a narrative that encompasses the adventures of a vivid and colorful gallery of characters. From Kathrine Switzer, the first woman ever to run a marathon, to a hitchhiker in India fulfilling his dreams, to a small Mongolian boy and his brave horse, to the story of the UK miners strike supported by gay and lesbian organizations in a fight for a better future. The triumphant sounds in the finale of the song “There Is Power in a Union” restore for a brief moment the kind of belief in the possibility of mutual understanding and community—beyond all our differences—that are the foundation of the theater medium itself.

Strzępka and Demirski enjoy using theatrical devices drawn from farce, and their artistic strategy also incorporates cabaret and variété theatrical conventions. The actors from the National Stary Theatre in Kraków once again prove that they’re one of the best ensembles in the country, flawlessly juggling these disparate aesthetics with an underlying sense of irony. They switch masterfully between fun and games and a much more serious tone, giving us hope in a togetherness that can transcend the stage world.



Directed by Monika Strzępka
Dramaturgy by Paweł Demirski
Set Design by Martyna Solecka
Costumes by Arek Ślesiński
Music by Stefan Wesołowski
Stage Movement by Jarosław Staniek
Stage Manager/Prompter/Assistant Director: Hanna Nowak



Juliusz Chrząstowski, Michał Czarnik, Krystian Durman, Monika Frajczyk, Radosław Krzyżowski, Michał Majnicz, Adam Nawojczyk, Paulina Puślednik, Dorota Pomykała/Ewa Kaim, Anna Radwan, Dorota Segda, Małgorzata Zawadzka, Krzysztof Zawadzki, Andrzej Kozak