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The Wedding

9 December 2017
  National Stary Theatre — Big Stage

Directed by:

Jan Klata


Stanisław Wyspiański


190 min.

It’s hard not to interpret this play — based on the classic text by Stanisław Wyspiański, who could depict our national weaknesses like no other — through the prism of the end of Jan Klata’s era at the National Stary Theatre and the many scandals and political maneuvers around that institution. But the director doesn’t offer simple and straightforward references, instead making the confrontation between city and small-town mentalities the main conflict. This strategy enables him not only to uncover hidden pretenses and grievances, but above all to expose the kind of deep-seated complexes, cultural legacies and moral differences that today seem as relevant as ever. The set, designed by Justyna Łagowska, looks like a cheap, provincial social center. A series of electrifying and dynamic scenes play out against live music by black metal band Furia. Its members, like modern versions of the sinister, mythological Chochols, wear demonic black and white make up and stand on pedestals, looking down on the unfolding events, driven by the poetic lines and ominous energy embedded in the show.

The cast from the National Stary Theatre — composed of several generations of performers — gives a virtuoso performance, showcasing its talents and artistry both individually and as an ensemble. At times they seem to work like a single, fully synchronized organism. The dramaturgy and rhythm of the piece is defined by Maćko Prusak’s choreography; group dance routines and tragicomic scenes deconstruct Polish myths and fantasies, inevitably leading to a somber finale. The iconic Golden Horn is placed in a torn plastic bag, and any form of dialogue or agreement between the two sides is highly unlikely. 


Directed and adapted by Jan Klata
Scenography/Costumes/Light Design by Justyna Łagowska
Choreography by Maćko Prusak
Music by FURIA
Assistant Scenographer: Piotr Halter
Sound Production: Łukasz Kamiński, Adam Gajewski
Stage Manager/Prompter/Assistant Director: Katarzyna Gaweł
Assistant Directors: Paweł Sablik, Andrzej Błażewicz


Anna Dymna, Monika Frajczyk, Małgorzata Gorol, Ewa Kaim, Katarzyna Krzanowska, Beata Paluch, Jaśmina Polak, Anna Radwan, Bartosz Bielenia, Maciej Charyton, Juliusz Chrząstowski, Krystian Durman, Roman Gancarczyk, Grzegorz Grabowski, Mieczysław Grąbka, Zbigniew W. Kaleta, Zbigniew Kosowski, Radosław Krzyżowski, Ryszard Łukowski, Zbigniew Ruciński, Krzysztof Zawadzki, Edward Linde-Lubaszenko/Jan Peszek, Elżbieta Karkoszka, Michał Kuźniak oraz: Mikołaj Głowacki, Janusz Jarecki, Grzegorz Sterliński, Krzysztof Szczygieł, Wojciech Szczygieł, Sławomir Wojciechowski