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You’ll be Pleased, Madam; or the Very Last Wedding in Kamyk Village

13 December 2017
14 December 2017
  The National Stary Theatre in Krakow - Chamber Stage

Directed by:

Agata Duda-Gracz


Agata Duda-Gracz


210 min.



The plot of Agata Duda-Gracz’s play is drawn from Wiesław Łuka’s book “I Do Not Propose”, which tells the story of a small-village wedding reception gone wrong, resulting in the death of three people. The ostensible reason for the murders was theft; the perpetrators were never identified. But the local community reached its own conclusions and passed judgment. The director uses this shocking story as a blueprint for the unfolding action on stage and her intention is by no means to give a definitive answer to what happened at the wedding in the village of Kamyk. On the contrary, each of the characters in this rich universe is equally guilty and everyone has a right to their own point of view. An additional context to this sensational scenario is its cultural and political background: it unfolds during a time of transformation of the political system, which the villagers have a hard time adjusting to. The dramaturgy of the play is built around the model of a country wedding, as depicted in the well-known Wojciech Smarzowski film. From the very beginning the spectators are greeted warmly and become more than mere witnesses to the course of onstage events. Duda-Gracz presents a complicated vivisection of human nature, wickedness and truth, which seems to depend entirely on who happens to be speaking.

The director unfurls long monologues, spoken by practically all the characters, depicting different versions of what happened in Kamyk. Personal tribulations are revealed against music that conveys the atmosphere of a country dance. The costumes reference this aesthetic as well, and are also clearly inspired by early-90s fashion. Realistic scenes are juxtaposed with surreal, visionary moments that introduce a mysterious, metaphysical dimension to the play. The brutally-depicted murder and picturesque painted backdrops, juxtaposed with vibrant scenes of a wild party, are typical of Duda-Gracz’s unique style, which combines naturalism with fairytale elements and folklore.


Scenography/Costumes/Directed by Agata Duda-Gracz
Music by Jakub Ostaszewski
Stage Movement by Tomasz Wesołowski
Lighting design by Katarzyna Łuszczyk
Assistant Directors: Dagmara Olewińska, Natasza Sołtanowicz, Sylwia Gola, Maciej Hanusek
Assistant Set Designers: Alicja Trzcińska, Aleksandra Kołodziejska
Stage Manager: Hanna Kujawiak


Dorota Abbe, Bożena Borowska-Kropielnicka, Gabriela Frycz, Karolina Głąb, Małgorzata Łodej-Stachowiak, Edyta Łukaszewska, Anna Mierzwa/Agnieszka Różańska, Julia Rybakowska, Maria Rybarczyk, Marta Szumieł, Łukasz Chrzuszcz/Łukasz Schmidt, Radosław Elis, Michał Kocurek, Mateusz Ławrynowicz, Szymon Mysłakowski (guest star), Andrzej Niemyt, Bartosz Nowicki (guest star), Ildefons Stachowiak, Mariusz Zaniewski