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Countess Bathory

11 December 2015
  Ludowy Theatre - Main Stage

Directed by:

Wiktor Rubin


Jolanta Janiczak


100 min.


65 PLN / 40 PLN reduced

The latest play by Jolanta Janiczak and Wiktor Rubin is the finale of their triptych on historical women. Just like in the two previous parts – also produced by the Stefan Żeromski Theatre in Kielce, Joanna Szalona; Królowa and Catherine The Great. At the center here is a game between physicality, the control mechanisms of language and narratives about the past. The historic Elizabeth Bathory was the niece of Stefan Bathory, the king of Poland, and was called “the vampire of Transylvania”. She was a notorious serial killer, all because she couldn’t accept the passing of time and tried to remain young and beautiful at any cost. The blood of virgins, who she is said to have killed mercilessly at her castle, was supposed to help save her fading beauty and vitality. But Janiczak and Rubin are not interested in her motives, nor creating a psychological profile of the Countess Bathory. Unlike in the two previous parts of the triptych, the main focus here is no longer History with a capital “H”, but the mundane struggles with everyday reality, while the cultural and social implications of the fear of ageing, brought to the extreme, are revealed to the audience.

Rubin and Janiczak channel in Countess Bathory the experience of growing old and fears around it, as well as the melancholia that results from losing oneself. Agnieszka Kwietniewska, who boldly plays the protagonist, believably reflects the inner complications, hesitations and dilemmas of a woman who desperately wants to hold onto time and possess it only for herself. Unfortunately – in this corporeal, linguistic and revealing performance rooted in history – just like in life, time inevitably marches forward.


Directed by Wiktor Rubin

Dramaturgy and text by Jolanta Janiczak

Scenography and lighting design by Mirek Kaczmarek

Costumes by Jolanta Janiczak, Hanna Maciąg

Music supervision by Wiktor Rubin

Video by Hanna Maciąg

Assistant director: Dagna Dywicka

Make up: Krystyna Wolańczyk

Stage Manager: Renata Głasek-Kęska


Dagna Dywicka

Ewelina Gronowska

Joanna Kasperek

Agnieszka Kwietniewska

Beata Pszeniczna

Bogna Żłobińska

Wojciech Niemczyk

Dawid Żłobiński

and extras: Renata Głasek-Kęska, Agnieszka Ozimina, Agata Radek, Edward Gola, Lech Sobura