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the un-divine comedy. 'M TELLING GOD!

9 December 2015
  The National Stary Theatre in Krakow - Chamber Stage

Directed by:

Monika Strzępka


Paweł Demirski


210 min.


Inspired loosely by the play by Zygmunt Krasinski, which is considered a masterpiece of Romantic literature, the performance by the artistic duo Monika Strzępka/Paweł Demirski takes the audience on an unpredictable and satirical journey through a past and present national imaginarium. Unlike the original drama though, what is at stake here is not the dark, mystical vision of future Poland channeled through the poet’s text, but rather the atmosphere of an approaching revolution, which has a far less symbolic dimension in this particular staging. In Demirski’s adaptation, characters selected from the original play are confronted with modern pop-culture figures, like the protagonist of the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. The re-mixed and re-sculpted fabric of Krasiński’s text doesn’t get parodied so much as dropped into certain specific situations, and a world unfolding on stage dominated by a spinning carousel and a glass wall that reflects the actors moving past it. Certain phenomena taken directly from modern Polish theatre get mocked – for example, pretentious motifs from Sarah Kane’s early plays are presented alongside socially, politically and ideologically engaged discussions on the final shape of the upcoming revolt.

Strzępka once again uses the iconic favorite Creep by the band Radiohead, this time colliding with a bravura performance of a song by David Bowie and Tina Turner, putting an ironic twist on potentially serious content and storylines from the original play as well as its adaptation. The well-synchronized cast of the National Stary Theatre in Krakow, who deftly juggle a variety of acting conventions, amaze with their sense of humor and a theatrical breadth which can be felt throughout this interventionist, partly cabaret-like, partly quite serious play.


Directed by Monika Strzępka

Text and dramaturgy by Paweł Demirski

Scenography and costumes by Michał Korchowiec

Music by Jan Suświłło         


Małgorzata Zawadzka

Dorota Segda

Marta Nieradkiewicz

Dorota Pomykała

Marcin Czarnik

Małgorzata Hajewska-Krzysztofik

Juliusz Chrząstowski

Michał Majnicz

Adam Nawojczyk

Marta Ojrzyńska

Szymon Czacki

Anna Radwan-Gancarczyk

Radomir Rospondek