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Unbearably Long Embraces

4 December 2015
5 December 2015
6 December 2015
  National Stary Theatre — Big Stage

Directed by:

Ivan Vyrypaev


Iwan Wyrypajew


105 min.


65 PLN / 40 PLN reduced

The action of the play takes place in New York City and Berlin. There are four characters here: three of them come to NYC from Europe in search of a “better” life, only one was born and raised here. All four fail to find harmony and their lives turn into a nightmare, but suddenly something amazing and extraordinary happens to each and every one of them. The encounter with cosmic consciousness completely changes their lives forever.

Iwan Wyrypajew says: “This play was commissioned by Deutsches Theatre in Berlin. It was commissioned but I was free to write about anything I wanted to. The only condition was the deadline I had for turning the play in, which was only six months. I managed to meet it though. The premiere of the text was held in March this year. I was there and I hate to admit that neither the director nor the actors understand the play. But I don’t blame them at all, since it is on the one hand a very easy topic, but on the other – a really hard one. Easy because "real, true life" is the subject here and difficult since the majority of people who live on the planet earth very rarely feel closeness and connection to life. This is something that cannot be explained to critics or actors. Because "real life" can only be understood when there is an authentic connection to it. Coming back to the play though, for me, it is mostly about language. About style, words, beautiful phrases. At some level this play is a continuation to what I did in July, where cruelty and beauty are confronted with each other and it results in poetry. How can one describe reality with words? It is undoable. But words can evoke the state which is all about the connection to life that happens within us.”


Directed by Iwan Wyrypajew

Play by Iwan Wyrypajew

Translation of a play by Agnieszka Lubomira Piotrowska

Scenography by Anna Met

Costumes by Katarzyna Lewińska

Music by Cazimir Liske

Stage Manager: Kuba Olszak


Karolina Gruszka

Julia Wyszyńska

Maciej Buchwald

Dobromir Dymecki