PARADISO was originally conceived as a review of productions by the new generation of directors. This year we remain faithful to the principle and present the diploma works by students of the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków and the Łódź Film School, together with two Kraków-based initiatives that allow novice artists to find and present their voices on the stage. Two projects: Niepodłegłości / Independencies of Kraków’s National Stary Theatre and the Laboratorium Nowego Teatru / New Theatre Laboratory attest to the great courage of the institutions in giving a chance to directors who are at the start of their careers, being open to their world and looking for more than just an artistic understanding with them. Moreover, the competition includes two productions of the Divine Comedy Festival: the Równina wątłych mięśni / The Weak Muscles Plain dance production and Materiały do Medei / Medea Material with Sandra Korzeniak, last year’s winner of the Festival’s prize for the best female role.