PURGATORIO: Special And Additional Events

Purgatorio is a showcase of plays as well as accompanying events and many different attractions taking place at the Festival Center. We’ve got two brand new plays for our audience this year! The premiere of “Vernon Subutex”, directed by Wiktor Rubin, is accompanied by a special presentation of Krystian Lupa’s new piece “The Trail”. Our audience also will have a chance to see “The Rebellion”, directed by Jakub Roszkowski as well as Magda Szpecht’s play - “In Dreams Begin Responsibilities”, but also participate in numerous fascinating discussions, visit a performative installation piece – “School of Utopia”, see the exhibit “How Theatre Works” and for the very first time - watch children plays, presented under the slogan “Little Divine Comedy”. Right before the festival starts, as a part of “The Divine Pre-bars”, the audience has a chance to see two foreign plays: “Imitation of Life” by Kornéla Mundruczó and “Mateluna” by Guillermo Calderón. We also prepared a special showcase of Krakow underground theatre scene, for both, our international guests and the regular theatre-goers. We also invite you to the meetings with Compeition directors, held under the name Dantesque Scenes.