PURGATORIO: Special And Additional Events

Purgatorio is a showcase of plays as well as accompanying events and many different attractions taking place at the Festival Center. We’ve got two premiere plays for our audience this year! And two foreign productions. The premieres of festival co-productions – “The Whale The Globe”, directed by Eva Rysova and “The Plastics”, directed by Grzegorz Wiśniewski is accompanied by two performances presented for the very first time in Poland: “The Institute of Memory (TIMe)” by Lars Jan from Los Angeles and “Princess Dramas”, directed by Michał Borczuch from Slovenian Mladinsko Theatre. We also prepared a special showcase of Krakow underground theatre scene, for both, our international guests and the regular audience. Meetings with the directors of the Competitions plays will be held at night, after the performances and at noon at the Festival Center - as a part of the Dantesque Scenes.