phot. Klaudyna Szubert
Bartosz Szydłowski
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90 minutes

The new production of Bartosz Szydłowski was inspired by Federico Fellini’s 8½, and Jakub Roszkowski’s article “Strach i nędza IV RP”, in turn inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s classical drama, as well as the personal experiences of the creatives. For the spiritual patron, Szydłowski took Rebecca Solnit, an essayist and sociologist. The title, taken from her “Hope in the dark” is a perfect rendering of the play’s message. Strach i nędza 2022 / Fear and Misery 2022 portrays a world drowned in crisis, and consumed with internal inertia and people who have lost any compasses. It examines an artist faced with values shifting, tired of repeating the same tricks, and looking for a new path forward. The Szydłowski’s intimate play, the most personal in his oeuvre, lunges at various directing tricks bearing trademarks of assorted theatre gurus, and is thoroughly ironic yet also surprisingly radical and warm. It does smuggle in faith in the existence of the human community above the divides, which is more than extraordinary in the contemporary world.

Sekcja Biała strzałka w prawo
Małgorzata Szydłowska
Sets, costumes and Lights director
Dominik Strycharski
Dawid Kozłowski
Video projections
Marta Zięba
Angelika Kurowska
Andrzej Szeremeta
Kazimierz Illukiewicz
Maria Bareła
Włodzimierz Bareła
Barbara Dziedzic
Grażyna Ladra
Hanna Napora
Sebastian Florek-Paszkowski
Ewa Skolias
Ewa Nowakowska-Włodek