”Wyspiański Liberates” at the Divine Comedy Festival

25 November 2016

Interdisciplinary project realized with the Juliusz Słowacki’s Theatre in Cracow joins the program of the 9th edition of the Divine Comedy festival. The project is composed of seven short performances inspired by Stanisław Wyspiański’s masterpiece - ”Liberation”. ”Wyspiański Liberates” is a kind of a happening which searches new meanings of the legendary play, tries to find its contemporary values and underline its timeliness. The „liberation” doesn’t only refer to the play’s title but to the theatre’s transformative power. Artists invited to take part in the project use various performative means to uncover the hidden meanings of Wyspiański’s art. We’ll see projects by Jakub Roszkowski, Alicia Patanowska, Bartosz Szydłowski, Małgorzata Warsicka, Paweł Świątek and Remigiusz Brzyk. The whole event ends with an after party and a DJ set by Mr. Krime.