The Fusion Theatre

04 December 2013

As a part of the special festival cycle of meetings held under the name Something’s Cooking Backstage where theatre artists not only discuss with the critics their work behind a kitchen table, but also cook together, we kindly invite you to the meeting called Theatre Fusion. Our confirmed guests, Ewelina Marciniak and Michał Buszewicz, the director and dramaturg of one of the Polish Contest shows, Women as Lovers, serve our audiences some of the finest Asian meals. The artists have also promised to share some stories and anecdotes from their recent trip to South Korea where they showed their acclaimed performance, The Crime, very popular with our own audience last year at the Divine Comedy. The discussion is facilitated by Michał Centkowski, who on top of talking about theatre, has to prove his cooking skills and knowledge of Asian spices. The meeting takes place on Friday, December 13th at noon at the Festival Center, that is Bunkier Sztuki! The admission is free!