"Sorrows of the tropics" photo session

09 November 2013

Rehearsals of „Sorrrows of the tropics” are in progress. The premiere is scheduled for the 8th of December. Author of the play that the show is based on, Mateusz Pakuła tells us more about the performance:


Sorrows of the tropics is a story about travellers who tell stories,

About young Europeans who travel,

About backpackers, runaways and freaks who don’t fit in the reality and crave for emotions,

About wild war correspondents, idealists and peculiar tourists.

What are they looking for?

What do they miss in the great Europe?

What is it that they have to much „here”?

Do they  manage to find something „there”?

If yes, why do they decide to come back „here”?

With what do they come back and why?”


The photo session took place on Friday. Check out the newest pictures on our facebook profile!