Travelling with images

02 December 2013

The rehearsals at Łaźnia Nowa Theatre for Paweł Świątek and Mateusz Pakuła’s latest piece titled Sorrows of the Tropics are held every day. The show is inspired by an autobiographical novel from Claude Levi-Strauss, under the same title. Sorrow of the Tropics is a philosophical reflection on the superiority of primal civilizations over modern cultural models. Pakuła while working on his play used Levi-Strauss’ theories as one of the possible contexts and created a separate text which deals with current issues. By referring to the real stories of different travelers, the artists present numerous aspects of moving around. One of the tales is a case of Timothy Treadwell, who for years had been observing bears in Alaska, another element of the show is a time travel piece with Stanisław Lem’s protagonist as a kind of a guide. Pakuła and Świątek also tell a story of a man who went to Vietnam only to get a new scar there… Creators of the performance are very much interested in various means of travelling that have shifted over the last years. They analyze facebook phenomenon, digital cameras, different social media and a lust for new experiences of the modern generation of travelers. The premiere is scheduled for December 8th