Sorrows of the tropics

05 December 2013

We kindly invite everyone to another meeting, which is a part of an unusual festival cycle Something’s Cooking Backstage. This time, the event is linked to Łaźnia Nowa Theatre and Divine Comedy’s premiere, that is Sorrows of the Tropics, directed by Paweł Świątek and based on a text by Mateusz Pakuła. During a meeting, held under the name Flavors of the Tropics, except for the director and dramaturg, also actors who star in the performance, including: Małgorzata Gorol, Marek Hucz, Martyna Krzysztofik, Zuzanna Skolias, Łukasz Stawarczyk and Rafał Szumera will share some juicy details about working on the show. Invited guests, under the watchful eye and supervision of a Chef Bartłomiej of the website, will prepare a “backpacker’s meal set” that refers to the main theme of their show, that is travelling. It consists of snacks that are pretty easy to consume during any journey: hummus, lassi and spring rolls. The discussion about the new performance and favorite exotic flavors is facilitated by Agata Dąbek and takes place on December 10th at noon at the Festival Center, that is Bunkier Sztuki. The admission is free, so join us!