Justin Vivian Bond

28 November 2013

Another show in the Polish Contest INFERNO is made by one of the most distinguished Polish theatre directors, Krzysztof Warlikowski and is titled Kabaret Warszawski. The show is based on two very different texts – Johan van Druten’s I’m a Camera and the screenplay by John Cameron Mitchell for his movie Shortbus. The two distinct historical realities channeled here – Weimar Germany prior to the Nazi takeover, and post-9/11 New York – are virtual laboratories of time and space. Warlikowski investigates, together with the audience, sexual fears and phobias as well as repressed desires and passions. It is worth saying that Mitchell’s movie caused lots of controversies due to its explicit and bold sex scenes and one of its characters, a transgender artist, Mx Justin Vivian Bond who plays himself in the movie, returns in Warlikowski’s performance not only as film persona. The director uses fragments of Bond’s memoire titled Tango. My Childhood Backwards and In High Heels that reveals the complicated process of non-normative growing up. Warlikowski deploys musical conventions and through the works of the artists he recycles, he investigates the possibilities of a “brave, new world” that is supposedly approaching.

As a preview to what we will see on stage, we encourage you all to watch the Shortbus trailer!