PURGATORIO - Cracow's trail

15 November 2016

This year’s PURGATORIO section includes two festival’s coproductions, two internationals shows and the showcase of the Cracovian performances.

The cult Chorus of Orphans by Jerzy Zoń from KTO Theatre, Anna Rosita’s Pitawal from Bagatela Theatre, The Secret live of Friedmans from Ludowy Theatre, Huljet, Huljet by Dagmara Żabska and The Table With Broken Legs. On The Table And Under The Table from MUMERUS theatre will be shown within special Cracow’s trail project. 

Smaller theatrical forms are included in the festival program to underline the diversity of Cracovian stages and to prove that intimate, simple and low-budget productions can coexist  and be presented next to the most spectacular performances. 

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