Dantesque Scenes - "The Bat"

11 December 2013

The second presentation of one of the INFERNO shows, Kornel Mundruczò’s The Bat, a TR Warsaw production, took place on Tuesday afternoon. The audience was amazed with funny and smart games with the operetta conventions as well as vocal and dance skills of the actors and their inner ease with which they sing the following songs. The serious theme – action takes place in a death clinic and a couple of elderly characters comes here to end their lives - is masterfully broken with comic scenes and operetta numbers. Dantesque Scenes discussion, facilitated by Joanna Derkaczew, was held right after the show. The artists mentioned how comfortable working with Mundruczò was since from the very first meeting he had a whole vision of the show in his mind. Rafał Maćkowiak talked about the director’s film background and methods of work typical of this medium and Adam Woronowicz told a couple of anecdotes from the 4-week rehearsal process. Małgorzata Buczkowska confessed that she had never thought she would have ever come back to working at the theatre but accepting the part was one of the best decisions of her career. And the composer, János Szemenyei, praised Polish actors for being open-minded and emotionally engaged in the whole artistic process.