Divine party

14 December 2013

The seventh day of the festival is ahead of us! Yesterday we could see Monika Strzępka and Paweł Demirski’s Courtney Love, a show confronts the grunge era with Polish show business of the early 90’s. The actors playing legendary musicians performed some of cultic Nirvana and Hole songs live and the audience was very much into it. Today we present one of the INFERNO performances, Kabaret Warszawski, directed by Krzysztof Warlikowski. The show is a compilation of I’m a Camera by Johan van Druten and John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus. These two artistic realities become a metaphor for the image of modern Warsaw and universal moral, ethic, artistic and social dilemmas. Shortbus is one of the culturally boldest movies in the history of American cinema in which an inability to climax results in a sexual metaphor of lack. We invite everyone who has festival badges to the tonight’s banquette and the Awards Ceremony. See you there!