The smallest theatre in Poland

13 November 2013

During this year’s Divine Comedy, the audience will have a chance to get to know Krakow’s art collective, art to go. Slipped disc, directed by Dariusz Starczewski, is a part of the festival’s section called PURGATORIO. The show is based on a play by a German playwright, Ingrid Lausund and – just like the title suggests – it refers to the typical modern ailment, a slipped disc. Lausund and Starczewski criticize the neoliberal cult of success and constant craving for money. Actors, all of whom are dressed in business suits, smoke plenty of cigarettes while revealing some dark secrets of a corporate world in front of the audience.  It is worth emphasizing that there’s only 13 seats in the audience, cause Scena Pokój is one of the smallest theatres  in Poland, so you’d better hurry to get your ticket.