First performance of INFERNO

24 October 2013

Proud to reveal the very first festival title! We’re presenting you one of the Polish Contest, INFERNO, shows, directed by Agata Duda-Gracz, I, Pierre Rivière, Having Slaughtered with an Axe My Mother, My Father, My Sisters, My Brother and All My Neighbours… , which is a production of The Musical Theatre Capitol.

The play is inspired by events which took place in a Norman village in the year 1835. A young man, Pierre Rivière, killed his mother, sister and brother, got captured and sentenced to death, but also gave a thorough report on the incidents and what exactly drew him to committing these crimes. The staging of the performance is framed by the court case during which Pierre Rivière confesses to murders and reveals his motives before the audience members, who become his witnesses and participants in the trial. The director shows the story of a murderer from a variety of perspectives, making us realize how arbitrary our opinions and judgments tend to be. Unlike Michel Foucault, in the book that he edited titled  I, Pierre Rivière, which offers an academic analysis of the actions undertaken by the criminal, Duda-Gracz makes an attempt to understand Rivière’s behavioral patterns and to get to the bottom of the psychological, societal and emotional reasons for the murders he committed. 



“A performance so rich in context, 
you’ve got to see it more than once”

Małgorzata Matuszewska,
Polska Gazeta Wrocławska


“Stage swing, consequently told storyline, wonderful acting and strong scenes are the biggest assets of this piece”

Agnieszka Kołodyńska,


„The greatness of a talent lies in limiting oneself, if it weren’t for this Duda-Gracz’s show would be flawless and perfect”

Magda Piekarska,
Gazeta Wyborcza