The Bat

03 December 2013

 There are still some tickets available to Kornél Mundruczó’s The Bat. The show by an acclaimed Hungarian director is a bold artistic take on the matters of euthanasia, dying and dignity. The audience is situated in an ambiguous, sterile space, which resembles a modern clinic of death, but also an abandoned mansion. The director gathers characters of various age, sex and experience into a single closed space, and makes them confront moral and ethical dilemmas about freedom of choice and issues of who should have the final say and control over a human life. Bitter and cynical dialogues gradually expose hidden fears and regrets resulting from the helplessness experienced when facing the ultimate challenge. Mundruczò uses the conventions of a comic opera in an ironic way so as to reveal one of the main ills of our times – not knowing how to talk about the metaphysical aspects of our existence without sarcasm. . He creates a sterile world where a decision to end a person’s life and discussing euthanasia seem much easier than a simple, honest talk about one’s feelings and emotions.

TR Warsaw cast was awarded for the show with Grand Prix at a theatre festival in Kalisz.