Faith and fanatism

21 November 2013

If you are still hesitating and don’t know which show to go to during the festival, we highly recommend you see Marcin Liber’s For God’s Sake!. The performance, as stated by the director himself, is an outcome of his long-term research on the theme of Polish faith. Produced by Drama Theatre in Wałbrzych, the show presents audiences with the most fanatical and radical behaviors and makes an attempt to see the reasons for them. The director does not judge anyone nor does he look down on the communities he portrays here. Controversial and fierce show is surely going to be a surprise for those who think that everything has already been shown in the theatre.

“The show does not take sides in the Polish-Polish war. Instead, it draws the attention to an on-going conflict that breaks out from time to time”, Aleksandra Skorupa, Teatr dla Was

“Incredible imagination and Liber’s virtuosic ability to construct breath-taking, memorable and deep scenes, combined with minimalistic set design, that reveals the artificiality of a theatrical space, resembling Dogville – a town from von Trier’s movie, all these factors create a stage reality that captivates the audience”, Michał Centkowski, Nowa Siła Krytyczna