INFERNO: Morrison/Sonofdeath

29 October 2013

Another show competing in Polish Contest INFERNO  is Paweł Passini’s Morrison/Sonofdeath. In the play he directed in Opole, the director tells the story of one of the most iconic musicians of the twentieth century.

Based on a text by Artur Pałyga, the performance however isn’t centered on the life of the legendary singer of the Doors, but rather on his death and its connotations. The director is mainly interested here in the myths that have grown around the artist; he exposes them to engage the audience in a dense play of contexts and modern associations — not necessarily with Morrison himself, but more with our pop-culture memory of him. The figure of the singer allows Passini to explore the possibilities and limits of artistic and other forms of rebellion, as well as to reflect on the ongoing Americanization of the world. 


„Artur Pałyga’s text, directed by Paweł Passini, affects the senses just like the dance of a naked actress presented in a shadow theatre”

Maryna Molińska, „Teatr dla Was”


“Show about Jim Morrison directed by Paweł Passini is one of the best performances of the last season”


“Dudziński plays Morrison with full devotion, putting into the role his vocal and musical talents as well as puppet skills he got to learn in a school in Wrocław and madness of a person who grew up in an artistic family”

Maciej Nowak, „Przekrój”