Little Divine Comedy

04 October 2017

This year Divine Comedy Festival broadens its scope and offers plays for children and young adults, inagurating its branch – the very first edition of Little Divine Comedy. The first plays were shown on 7th and 8th October at Łaźnia Nowa Theatre. This unique showcase is comprised of seven different plays, carefully selected from the theatres across Poland. The main objective of this initiative is to create an offer for the youngest audience that could shape their artistic preferences and creative potential as well as imagination and theatre-going habits of children and young adults. 

The detailed scheduled of The Little Divine Comedy could be found below:

October 7,8, 19.00, "Krzyżacy" by Jakub Roszkowski, Miniatura Theatre, For the children +10.

October 8, 12.00, "Kasieńka" by Anna Wieczu-Bluszcz, Miniatura Theatre, +10

October, 20,21, 19.00, "Straszna Piątka" by Maria Żynel, Puppet Theatre in Białystok, +5

November 4, 19.00, "A niech to Gęś kopnie", Marta Guśniowska, Animation Theatre in Poznań, +9

December 13, 18:00, "Opowieści z niepamięci" Duda Paiva, Animation Theatre in Poznań, +9

December 14, 18:00, "Piekło-Niebo", Jakub Krofta, Puppet Theatre in Wrocław, +6

December 16, 18:00,  "Pomnik", iří Havelka, Puppet Theatre in Wrocław, +14