Dada Horror Picture Show

15 November 2013

Less and less tickets available to the festival shows! One of the productions in PURGATORIO section is Macabra Dolorosa, directed by Paweł Szarek. This performance is a tale about the modern icons of motherhood, made in the aesthetics resembling Dada revue. The director combines pieces of articles taken from everyday newspapers with rock ballads and musical numbers by Marilyn Manson, The Tiger Lilies, Dresden Dolls and Apocalyptica as well as some early twentieth century cabaret conventions. Brilliant Katarzyna Chlebny plays a multi-dimensional character of a child-killer going through some moral and ethical perturbations with passion and wit.

“Despite the scandalous previews, Macabra Dolorosa is a formally rich, strong and painful show which main motifs are emotional entanglement, suffering and rejection. It does not, however play with the concept of evil, but instead diagnose it and name it straightforwardly. It evidently takes the woman side and perspective while using all the possible modern theatrical tools to do so – all the mass media canals – from cultural magazines to tabloids. I am pretty sure that if only Euripides had a chance to, he would have told a similar story.” Justyna Nowicka, Radio Kraków online

“Katarzyna Chlebny is the strongest asset of the show. Her incredible acting technique, great voice modulation and ability to transform her face and mood in a blink of an eye, all these skills make it impossible to take eyes off her, even for a brief moment”. Marzena Ragozik,