Divine Questionnaire — Cezary Tomaszewski

01 December 2014

What does it mean for you to be professionally happy?

Doing my job.

What does make you stand out among others?

In Poland? Everything. Beginning from the work experience. I'm a theatre scholar, musician and choreographer. Technigue (see experience), imagination, sensitivity, sense of humour (see - me and my mum). It's quite impossible to avoid all the pathetic epithets: I am the pioneer of the Polish contemporary music theatre which is based on classical music. So, that's just the way it is...

What’s your biggest eccentricity?

Not trying too hard to be eccentric...

What’s your favorite activity?

Being busy.

What’s your least favorite character feature when it comes to the others?

If I don't like somebody it is always to the full because of the set of awful character features they possess and fake-easy-goingness that make the theatre cicrcles look much, much worse. 

What’s your biggest regret regarding your career?


If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

All my life I've been struggling with terrible acne. Last year, I discovered a great and hardcore medicine which destroys your liver. Now, acne's gone. 

Under what circumstances do you lie?

Answering to this kind of questionnaires, but not much.

What do you think is the biggest misery in an actor’s profession?

Belief in the possibility to exceed the theatre. Theatre cannot be exceeded, it can be crossed or overlooked.

What’s your favorite feature in an actor’s profession?

Curiosity, precision, discpiline and humility. Only then you can find the way to not celebrate yourself and your ego in various costumes. "It's cool, I'm an actor, I'm crazy, high and cool. I'm so cool and freaky..." Oh yeah, get a grip, come on

Who’s your biggest theatrical authority?

Being over 30, I would be ashamed to live with my parents. It's also childish and naive to have authorities when you already turned 16. My only one authority is me - Cezary Tomaszewski and people I work with. I searched, waited and found them. 

Who’s your favorite actor, director, artist?

There's only one person who meets these all requirements, being an actor, director, artist and this is Divine! I feel a deep fondness to Jeff Stryker. Yeah, let's say Jeff Stryker.

Who would like to work with the most?

See above.

A book that has had the biggest impact on you?

The Flower Beneath The Foot by Ronald Firbank.

A movie that has had the biggest impact on you?

The Skipping Cheeses by Geroges Melies.

What expressions or words you tend to over-use?

Thank you very much, thanks, I am very grateful. Thank you!