Theatre of Divine Cuisine

29 November 2013

We would like to kindly invite everyone to a special cycle of meetings organized this year during the festival and held under the name of Theatre of Divine Cuisine. This cycle offers a series of discussions with directors, actors, dramaturgs, facilitated by theatre critics and each guest would have an extraordinary role to play. Except for discussing theatre, talking about the limitations of being a critic and a curator or revealing some juicy details behind the Divine Comedy and Łaźnia Nowa Theatre premiere, Sorrows of the Tropics, the participants are supposed to cook for the audience. The discussions take place in a real kitchen and their themes are marked out not only by theatre matters and issues but also favorite recipes, flavors and meals. Among those who’ve agreed to cook, stir, spice up and present some fine stories, on both art and cuisine, are: Jacek Poniedziałek, Magdalena Popławska, Paweł Świątek and Ewelina Marciniak. Admission to all of Theatre of Divine Cuisine meetings is free and each of the four kitchen/theatre discussions is held at the Festival Center - Bunkier Sztuki and starts at noon. Come and join us!

The project is organized in collaboration with website.