Danuta Stenka in Yana Ross' "Request Concert"

29 October 2014

One of the most interesting plays at this year’s edition of Divine Comedy Festival is for sure the premiere of Request Concert, directed by Yana Ross, that is part of the cycle When They Come Burn The Home Down, The One That You Live In. The performance is based on a text by a German playwright, Franz Xavier Kroetz, who revolutionizes the dramatic form here. Instead of a classically written play, with side text and characters who speak the lines out, Kroetz creates vast and dense side text, that is the basic foundation for the stage action. At the same time, his play has a precisely constructed dramaturgy. The show is directed by Yana Ross, famous for adapting Elfriede Jelinek’s novels. Aśka Grochulska is responsible for the music, text and dramaturgy. The tickets to the show can be purchased via our website.