Award given to 'Request Concert'

27 April 2015

The performance co-produced by our festival has just returned from the 50th Small Theatre Forms Festival KONTRAPUNKT with a prize founded by the city of Szczecin. The jury praised the performance directed by Yana Ross for its achievement in 'extending the space of human drama,' and awarded it with the Magnolia Prize of 8 000 zloty. 'Request Concert' opened the contest and competed against eight other performances. We are thrilled with its success, especially as it was in Szczecin that Danuta Stenka – the show's main and only actress – made her stage debut. According to the local daily paper 'Gazeta Szczecin', in the 1980s the actress used to play female leads at Szczecin's Teatr Współczesny. Now she returned to the town, playing a terribly lonely 50-year-old woman. We congratulate the rest of the winners of this year's edition of the KONTRAPUNKT festival. The judges, Jacek Wakar (Chair), Knut Ove Arntzen, Anna Augustynowicz, Burkhard C. Kosminski and Anna Lewanowicz, decided (however not unanimously) that the main prize should go to the play 'Mystery Magnet' directed by Miet Warlop and produced by Campo Theatre, Belgium. The Audience Favourite award was given to to 'The HIDEOUT. Kryjówka' directed by Paweł Passini.The KONTRAPUNKT festival took place on 17-26 April 2015.