Tickets for each episodes of "The Curse..." now on sale

20 November 2014

Starting from today, you can purchase tickets for each episode of "The Curse...". Tickets prizes: 30 PLN - discounted, 50 PLN - regular.

The play by Monika Strzępka and Paweł Demirski is an original, political theatre series in three episodes. The artists use the conventions of political fiction and horror movies to highlight the paradoxes of contemporary Poland and to deconstruct the strict cultural norms and behavior patterns that rule society. In the first episode, titled Don’t Mess with Jesus, all the parliament members are killed under mysterious circumstances at a crucial moment in Polish history, and Jesus Christ comes back to earth to establish new order in a country immersed in chaos. In the second one – Religion Lesson – the characters desperately try to go back to the old order, while millions of Europeans convert to Catholicism, to the delight of the Vatican. As secularism falls into oblivion suddenly the Devil appears. In the third and final installment, titled Sabbath of a Good Home, we watch a mysterious meeting in which the fate of the world will be decided.