The Curse

25 February 2014

The premiere of the newest project by Strzępka & Demirski duet is scheduled for the 14th of March. „Don’t mess with Jesus” is a very first episode of the series called „The Curse, episodes from hopeless times”. We’re expecting an offbeat commentary on current political and social events, as well as brutal attack on the authorities, politicians, media and Church.

The show is co-produced by Łaźnia Nowa Theatre and Theatre Imka from Warsaw.

 „The series enables us to create a long, complex story and to capture the inner tension of contemporary, difficult times. Theorizing and drawing a conlusion about current events require a complex structure which fictionilise the story, enrich it with digressions and retrospectives.” – Paweł Demirski justifies a choice of the genre.


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