Meet the jury - Jason Danino-Holt

04 November 2016

This year - apart from INFERNO Competition, which is obviously the most exciting part of the program - the Divine Comedy created a special contest for the youngest artists. 

8 shows by Polish young talents will be judged by an international jury composed of distinguished critics and curators and will compete for a grant of 100.000 PLN for artist’s future project which will premiere at the next festival. 

Jason Danino-Holt is one of our PARADISO jury members. Besides his strong interest in theatre (he’s a playwright, director and performance artist), he’s also an international TV star. He worked  as an Israeli television presenter and former MTV Europe presenter. He also presented "The Tube" on i24news English.

Danino-Holt was born in Tel Aviv, Israel to a Moroccan French-Canadian mother, Chantal Danino, and a British father, Martin Holt. He was raised in a trilingual home and attended summer school in Cambridge at age 12.

He went to Teva School for Nature in Jaffa, followed by the Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts. Specializing in Theatre, he chose French, one of the three languages he spoke at home, as his other major subject. In 2005, he was a Nickelodeon presenter in Israel. He moved to London where he presented the MTV European magazine style show, Switched On. 

Artistic director of Habait Theatre Tel Aviv. Winner of the Rozenblum prize for best young artist 2016.  He is the founder of UMAMI - Tel Aviv- based indie creation group. His selected projects are: “I Know It When I See It” - Kampnagel summer festival Hamburg,  “Whore” (Gehäutet, transled to German by the ADK), “Not Letting it In” (an international conffetional theatrical event), “Shanti and Martin” (documentary film about his mother) and more…