Hard Gat, Dead World

04 November 2014

Hard gat, dead world is a performance-manifesto and a performance-apery. At the first plan a special concept of literary, called by the author „bad writing” appears. What is „bad writing”? It is a literary equivalent of a phenomenon called „bad painting” in the fine arts. But not completely. „Bad writing” is conscious and practiced with great glee creation of good art from bad literature. It is creation of bad literature for the sake of art. It is deliberate creation of bad literature and changing it in art. It is not just about imitating of colloquial spoken language, street language, eavesdropping of stupidities transforming, impersonation and exaggerating them. It is about admiration of writers’ infirmity and incompetence. The greater incompetence, the better performance.

Hard gat, dead world is also a concert. The concert and a stand-up. The stand-up and a bizarre meeting with authors. It is also a contemporary story about Job. About God, Satan and a man.