Thrilled, touched and moved…

10 December 2016

Divine Comedy Festival receives more and more positive reviews from our spectators who are deeply moved by the ” Whale The Globe” show which premiered yesterday. 

Thank you for your feedback!

The Q&A session with the performance’s creators is taking place right now at the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery. All of you who missed the show at the festival, will have a chance to catch up in January. ”Whale The Globe” is a part of the Laźnia Nowa repertoire and is scheduled for January 18, 19 and 20. 

”The Institute of Memory” by Lars Jan also premiered yesterday. This multimedia project produced by the Early Morning Opera in Los Angeles is largely inspired by the director’s family history. The two performers on stage get more and more involved in complicated games with the past, going all the way back to the Cold War era. The audience observes a breathtaking sculpture with lighting installations, which not only gives structure to the piece, but also helps to shape its dramaturgy, supervised by Anna R. Burzyńska. The lights and the sculpture are closely linked to the interactive typewriter, which here belongs to the father of the director, who worked as a Cold War operative. Archival wire-tap transcriptions, the writings of communist spies, and brain scans make up an ambivalent portrait of Jan’s father. Simple but tasteful scenographic tricks and Post-Brechtian acting create a complex story about individual and collective memory, building our identity, complicated History and the failure of moral judgments. We have just heard from the box office that tickets are still available, so don’t wait to book them!

Today we’re inaugurating the INFERNO contest with the Krzysiek Garbaczewski’s ”Robert Robur”. The theatrical installation that plays with cinematic associations and literary tropes, in addition to providing outstanding entertainment value, is used here to create a coherent, dystopian vision of a future that is, quite unexpectedly, already here. 


See you there!