Sixth day

13 December 2013

The sixth day of the festival starts with the last Something’s Cooking Backstage discussion that takes place at noon at the Festival Center. Our guests, Ewelina Marciniak and Michał Buszewicz, the director and dramaturg of the INFERNO show Women as Lovers share stories about their recent trip to South Korea to a theatre festival in Seoul and prepare traditional Korean snacks for the audience. The discussion is facilitated by Michał Centkowski. Today we present two of the Polish Contest performances: at 5 PM you can watch The Road to Damascus directed by Jan Klata from National Stary Theatre in Kraków and at 8 PM at Łaźnia Nowa, Courtney Love, directed by Monika Strzępka, a production from Polski Theatre in Wrocław. Klata’s shows revisits Strindberg’s classic play to ask some questions about the ethical aspect of creative freedom and Courtney Love uses the story of Kurt Cobain’s widow as an excuse for analysis of mechanisms behind the capitalist system and the hypocrisy of the music industry. Dantesque Scenes meetings with the artists are held after both of the shows and are led by Joanna Derkaczew and Łukasz Maciejewski. The students of Krakow State Drama School present their skills and talents in two PARADISO shows: The Circle of Fifths directed by Aleksandra Popławska plays at 5 PM and Niech no tylko zakwitną jabłonie, directed by Wojciech Kościelniak, a musical with songs written by Agnieszka Osiecka plays at 8 PM. At 8 PM you can also see A Slipped Disc, directed by Dariusz Starczewski from art to go. Join us!