The second festival day

09 December 2013

The second festival day looks more than exciting! The official inauguration of Divine Comedy is held at noon at the Festival Center. The audience has a chance to watch four Polish Contest INFERNO shows. Those, who missed yesterday Agata Duda-Gracz’s I, Piere Riviere, Having Slaughtered… have the last chance to see the piece that plays at 7.30 PM at TVP Kraków Studio Łęg. Moreover, we highly recommend Michał Zadara’s unconventional musical performance, with Barbara Wysocka’s superb role, Chopin Without Piano, that is shown at 5.30 PM at TVP Kraków Studio Krzemionki. The discussion with the artists is organized right after the show and facilitated by Łukasz Drewniak. Austrian Noble Prize-winner, Eflriede Jelinek’s fans should not miss Maja Kleczewska’s A Winter Journey, based on the artist’s play, shown at 5 PM at Łaźnia Nowa. And indie-cinema goers just have to see TR Warsaw’s production, The Bat, directed by an acclaimed Hungarian director Kornel Mundruczò. Moreover, those who didn’t manage to get into the packed premiere of Paweł Świątek’s Sorrows of the Tropics could see the show at 3 PM. Moreover, young actors from Krakow State Drama School presents their skills and talents in a piece directed by Krystian Lupa, that is The Swimming Pool, which plays at 6 PM. Come and join us!