Fourth day

11 December 2013

The fourth day of the festival starts with Something’s Cooking Backstage discussion held at noon at the Festival Center. Invited guests: Anka Herbut, theatre critic and dramaturg, Jacek Sieradzki, editor-in-chief of “Dialog” – drama journal, Stach Szabłowski, art critic and curator and Michał Libera, critic and curator all talk to Paweł Soszyński about rather troubling combination of professions of a critic and curator. They have also promised to prepare some brunch meals for the audience, with the support of Chef Bartłomiej of website. Our audience could watch two Polish Contests shows: Paweł Passini’s Morrison/Sonofdeath from Opole Theatre plays at 6 PM at Łaźnia Nowa Theatre and Wiktor Rubin’s Catherine the Great, Żeromskiego Theatre in Kielce production,at 8.30 at National Stary Theatre on Kameralna Stage # Kolonia. The first of the aforementioned performances tells a story of the last days of the Doors legendary singer and uses it as a starting point for a critique of pop-cultural icons and the music industry itself. The second, based on Jolanta Janiczak’s play treats the case of the Russian empress as an excuse to reflect on the nature and relationship between history and power. Dantesque Scenes discussions with the artistic teams are held after both of the shows. At 4 PM you can watch Slipped Disc, directed by Dariusz Starczewski from art to go and at 6.30 Jarosław Tumidajski’s The Killer. Intensive day, filled up with artistic impressions and experiences ends up with the presentation of Macabra Dolorosa from Nowy Theatre in Kraków, directed by Paweł Szarek that plays at 9 PM.